Steve and Melissa are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about assisting people achieve the best versions of themselves. Allowing me the time and place to change the way I view my surroundings and most importantly; myself, has been a staple in the 6 years of sobriety I’ve achieved since first meeting them. I would highly recommend anyone looking to change their life to reach out to these people as soon as possible! – Adam

Highly, highly recommended. Both Steve and Melissa have helped me change my life for the better. They also both have the quality that I look for most in people these days: they genuinely care about the individual. Do yourself a favor and meet both of them, they make the world a better place. – Trevor

Highly recommend Steve and Melyssa! Comfortable atmosphere and they are both genuine people who are great at helping others. If you’re ready to make a difference in your life, this place is full of great resources and support! 10/10 recommend. – Mallory

Amazing program!! You can tell the staff truly care here. Would recommend to anyone looking for these services. – David

Steve and Melyssa are. Both amazing to work with. – Samantha

I am thankful to them all. Thank you for all you do. – Saralee