Veterans Program

Our mission is to have veterans guide veterans to meaning, purpose, and recovery through shared experience and clinical expertise. Our veteran’s program has been developed by veterans who have experienced addiction, trauma, grief, legal problems, and homelessness.

It is our mission to provide compassion, love, and real world solutions with quality, individualized, evidence-based treatment in an environment that is safe and nurturing. In order to provide this environment, our groups and case management are facilitated by veterans who have overcome the obstacles of addiction and have learned to cope with mental health and find a way forward.

We firmly believe in our approach to recovery and understand that addiction and mental health disorders are directly correlated. Through our programs, we empower veterans to take charge of their lives and to gain the tools, experience, and confidence needed to cope with drug and alcohol dependency, while finding purpose and meaning.

To help our veterans achieve their goals, we offer a mindfulness based practice that includes motivational interviewing, acceptance and commitment therapy, and relapse prevention.

We help our clients develop coping mechanisms in groups, work through their cognitive distortions with psychoeducation, and help clients understand their addiction and mental health through individual counseling.

We also follow clients from the start of their journey until the end with case management and after-care planning all done in a safe environment.

Our program was developed by veterans and is run by veterans who have gone through addiction and trauma, and whose purpose is to guide other veterans through the process and help them find a life worth living.

Motivational Interviewing: We promote open dialect and accept Veterans in all stages of their recovery. We actively listen to our Veterans and give them direction and guidance through open communication. With this, we use four fundamental processes.

  • Engaging: We actively listen to our Veterans and validate what is being said, while affirming their strengths and attributes.
  • Focusing: We help our Veterans identify their goals for treatment.
  • Evoking: We evoke change through purpose, direction, and meaning in life.
  • Planning: We create a holistic treatment plan that covers the body, mind and spirit of treatment.

Acceptance and commitment therapy: We personally know that Veterans struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression because of personal life and military experiences, where addiction became the solution of-a more complex problem. We learn to accept our past with a commitment to promote positive change.

Relapse Prevention Therapy: We build a comprehensive plan that encompasses the whole self. We will identify values, goals, and purpose. We will promote growth by empowering our Veterans to continue to make positive changes and regain meaning and purpose.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.“

 Lao Tzu

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